23 September 2013

robbie eleckt and sven skutersen vs han shan and friends - jogurt EP

09 September 2013

robbie eleckt - mrowkojad ep

17 August 2013

RER02VA Robbie Eleckt And Sven Skutersen With Han Shan And Friends Play With Computer World (2012)

At last ! We're at archive.org ! Here we gooooo !

First release on r_e_r that got catalogued is new ep from robbie eleckt himself: and that's how mysteriously the archive org link looks like, go check! :

23 July 2013

21 July 2013

audio and playlist from yesterday listening party

http://mixlr.com/robbie_eleckt/showreel/haunted-my-ass-new-album-test-listening-party/ playlist from yesterday listening party: playlist from yesterday listening party

10 July 2013

r_e_r newsletter #1 July 2013

archivisation stage should begin very very soon. you'll be able to find rer recordings on bandcamp and archive.org. and, if their shitty upload system allows, also on last.fm. and there'll be regular temporary heads-upz at soundcloud. no, it's not a start of another short-lived net-label, it's a way to catalogue my recordings and recordings by friends and other interesting people. organising stuff usually HELPS. RER01 IS COMING VERY SOON so stay tuned....and don't forget to laugh at everything.